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The birth of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, International is in essence the story of a tremendous move of God beginning in the last decade of the twentieth century. Since 1994, when over twenty-five thousand people attended the first Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship Conference in the Louisiana Superdome, the spiritual religious freedom that makes Full Gospel Baptist unique has impacted Christian men and women across the world.

Captured by the phrase "The Right to Choose", that freedom is based on the belief that the Gospel of Jesus Christ must be promoted by recognizing the free expression of the gifts of the Spirit as a viable part of the Body of Christ. The Fellowship is convinced that the choice to exercise these spiritual gifts is imperative for the local New Testament Church to fully function as the dynamic organism God has intended.

For many years, our South African brothers and sisters experienced Apartheid. What was Apartheid? It was when blacks in South Africa had the right to be born, but beyond that, all other rights were denied due to the color of their skin. They were not allowed to participate in government; they were denied the right to vote and many other opportunities that were reserved for whites only. Nelson Mandella and many others continued to fight until the rights they now enjoy were achieved. As a result, Black South Africans now have the "Right to Choose" and make decisions that will ultimately improve their quality of life.

The Baptist Church has experienced "Spiritual Apartheid". We have always had the right to be born again. But…spiritual gifts, heavenly language, the power to cast out demons, laying on of hands, etc., were afforded to others in the Body of Christ , but were denied to the Baptist.

We are now standing as "Spiritual Mandellas", boldly declaring our rights as "Baptist" to make a choice. The government of South Africa denied Blacks their rights because they were black. No longer can we allow our denomination (our governing body) to tell us we can't because "We are Baptist". When Jesus Christ, who is the Head of the Church says, "we can"! We Have the Right To Choose. (Mark 16:17-18)

We do not feel that others in the Baptist Church are not preaching the Full Gospel. The complete gospel is Jesus Christ, His death, burial and resurrection. The Baptist Church has stood firm in preaching His death; we know He died for us. We have stood firm in preaching His burial, for He stayed in the grave three (3) days and His spirit went into hell to take the keys from satan. We have also stood on the fact that He got up from the grave with all power in His hands. The reason we remain Baptist and support the Baptist Church is because of this solid foundation in Jesus Christ.

But, as Full Gospel Baptists, we do not believe that we have fully utilized the power Jesus left when He returned to glory . He left His power with us when He returned with the keys. The bible says, "Whatsoever Ye Shall Loose On Earth Shall Be Loosed in Heaven" (Matthew 18:18), We have dealt with salvation at Calvary but have left out the experience at Pentecost. The Full Gospel Baptists are using those keys to take full authority over the devil. The word of God states that we can legally use our gifts in the Name of Jesus! It does not matter how strange it may look to the natural man or to our denomination.

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